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I sat at the big, round table enjoying a beer and a cigarette whilst the party went on all around me. Just a week before, Liz and I had completed the sale of our company. We hadn't been planning to sell, but we'd got lucky getting a new American product line into the UK before anyone else and were making a killing. Business had never been so good, and the bigger players in our market had had enough so they just took us over, swallowed us whole as it were. We hadn't had to sell of course, but everyone has their price and the offer was too good to refuse, in a 'never-have-to-work-again' sense.

The party was a thank you and goodbye from us to our better suppliers and customers. There were about a hundred or so people in the room, some sitting and talking at the tables, others dancing to the band and more still in the softly lit quiet area in a side room where there were soft couches and a bar and the band's sound was more muted. Everybody was having a good time.

I spotted Liz on the dance floor with Hank. She looked awesome. Newly styled hair a little shorter than before just stopping before her shoulders, the natural soft brown highlighted with a few different shades of blond. Her evening dress was a shocking scarlet cut low at the front and even lower at the back with sleeves that ended at the elbow. It clung to her shapely, curvy body over hips and thighs and flared out at the knees. A split at the front not only allowed her long, gorgeous legs room to walk but afforded everyone the chance to see them, almost all the way up to the lacy tops of her snow white stockings. She wore spiked heeled shoes the same colour as the dress, and as usual heads turned to follow her every step. Only she and I knew that apart from the dress, shoes and stockings, she wore nothing else.

Not for the first time since meeting her I wondered just what amazingly good thing I'd done in a past life to deserve such an incredible wife.

She waved briefly, smiling broadly, as Hank swirled her round to the music. Hank's skin was a black as his suit and he was a broad, powerfully built man with a willing smile and a good heart. His work out regime had been the subject of good natured banter between us, but in his fifties now he still looked in good shape. It was his company that had supplied the new line that had got us noticed enough to be bought out, and in truth we'd miss doing business with him, but retirement for me in my early forties and Liz in her late thirties was just too tempting a prospect. We already had travel plans and were looking forward to seeing a bit more of the world.

The music finished and Liz and Hank split up. She joined me at the table a little breathless from dancing.

"Having a good time?" I enquired, not needing an answer but getting an enthusiastic nod as she took a good pull on her drink.

"A night to remember," she said, putting her glass down on the table. She looked me right in the eyes, her own sparkling with mischief and a delicious grin on her glossy red lips as she said, "It will be a night to remember won't it?"

I returned her smile and leaned forward, slipping my hand onto her thigh and up under her dress to the hot flesh above the stocking tops. I breathed softly in her ear as I nibbled her lobe before whispering, "I'm sure it will be my love" and then easing away from her, my finger tips trailing down to her knee.

I could see the excited flush around her throat, saw her lower her eyes almost shyly as she picked up her glass, felt with her the adrenalin surge of anticipation as she smiled wantonly and raised her eyes back to meet mine in a truly seductive manner. I raised my glass and we silently toasted each other.

The moment was broken when Stuart came over and took Liz away to the dance floor. Stuart was an agent for one of our UK suppliers, tall and somewhat skinny and already without jacket or tie as he seemed to be attempting to dance with every lady in the room. Around the same age as me, he was divorced but a devoted father. Another good man, one who'd looked after us right from the start of our business venture.

I got up and wandered around, mingling with our guests and chatting easily to each of them. Some had brought partners, others were out alone, all were thanked personally for their help and support. I saw Liz, released once more from the dance floor, doing the same as me, circling the room to ensure that every guest was thanked, lingering with Ian a little longer than necessary perhaps? Ian was only a young man, around eighteen or nineteen, a rep' for a small, family business that we had started to buy from only recently, but Liz always liked to see him when he called. He was a polite and courteous lad.

I took time out at the bar, just watching people whilst having another beer and a smoke. I'd been cornered somewhat by Simon, our man from the bank, badgering me for further word on what we would be doing with our windfall. He was shorter than me by a noticeable margin but what he missed out in height he made up for with a confident, occasionally aggressive demeanour. Maybe five years older than myself, Simon was hardly a stereotypical banker, but old school in that I'd always believed him to be working as much in our interests as the bank's, and that made for an easy relationship. I lingered with my drink, taking a second cigarette, watching people that I may well never see again.

Shortly after midnight the first guests started to drift away, some to rooms in the hotel, others to rooms elsewhere. The party slowly wound down. The band finished and started to pack away their equipment and yet more people left. The bar closed and the band departed. The night porter switched off all but the night lights and only Liz and myself were left in the room.

On the dance floor, I pulled her in close. I slipped my arms around her waist, wrapping them around her, gently sliding my palms over the hot, bare skin of her back. As our lips met with barely a touch, no more than a tickle, she eased her arms around my neck and pressed in even closer, then our lips contacted again more firmly. Pulling back a little, I let the tip of my tongue trace an invisible line across her upper lip. I could feel the reaction run down her spine, a tremor that preceded a slight gasp before our mouths parted and our tongues met passionately. We were both breathless when we separated minutes later.

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I led her into the quiet area where I had left my jacket, deserted now and lit only by the security night lighting. She watched me, expecting me to collect my jacket. Instead I undressed, without haste but without trying to do some sort of strip tease, until I was naked, my cock freed from the restriction of clothing started to flood and rise.

Without a word, she walked to me and once again we were kissing, more urgently now, more hunger in the swirling tongues and the seeking hands. I unclipped the dress at the base of her spine and slipped it from her shoulders. It slid down her body with a whoosh and she kicked it aside. I sat down on the couch and pulled her down alongside me.

I slid my tongue from her mouth down over her chin to her throat and around her neck to her ear. My hands ran slowly along her body as I kissed and nibbled at her neck, gliding over her stockinged thighs, barely touching her gloriously naked mons and on over her belly to her large, round breasts with nipples already hard. She gasped as I squeezed one nipple in my fingers, then bent my head to take the other into my mouth, arching her back to meet me.

As I suckled on her heavy, round tits I let my hand roam, down over her hip to her hot thighs, on over the sheer, cool nylon of her stockings and down to her ankles, swirling my fingers over her instep and easing them back up her calf. As my hand glided across her knee she parted her legs and my fingers slipped slowly between her thighs and with only the barest touch I caressed her labia with one soft stroke of one single finger. She gasped aloud, looking me in the eyes as I raised my finger to my mouth and sucked her sweet juices off.

She shuddered as I let my hand fall between her thighs once more, sliding four fingers over her wet pussy, opening her lips, releasing a flood of juices. As my fingers teased her wet and swollen clit she gasped again, and not only from the sensations between her legs. Behind me, Hank had just stepped into view.

I turned and started to lick a trail down from her breasts to her pussy, lingering at the belly button. I watched Hank approach, his skin gleaming like polished ebony in the soft lighting, his body seemingly much younger than his fifty odd years. His cock was fully erect, thick and heavy and long.

Liz was by now on her back on the settee, with me kneeling between her thighs. My tongue swirled around her beautiful belly, down where her pubic hair would have been if she had any, and just as my tongue found her clit Hank's giant cock touched her glossy red lips and she let out a sigh of real contentment before opening to wide to receive him.

I watched her lick his heavy balls and then slide her tongue up along his thick shaft, her finger and thumb barely meeting around the girth of him as she stroked him, working her way to the tip which she bathed in a blanket of feather light kisses that made him gasp. I was probing into her wet hole now with my tongue, working her juices around her lips and sucking on the folds of her labia. Her pelvis was moving to meet me, spurring me on.

She opened her mouth wide and sucked him in just as I sucked down on her clit and her cry of pleasure sounded like a throaty growl as he pushed into her throat, his fingers in her hair pulling her onto him. She tipped her head back a little, and swallowed him whole, taking him by surprise so that he pulled back quickly, before easing himself back into her throat more positively, pulling her onto him by her hair.

I was sucking her clit still, my right hand gliding over her body, enjoying her smooth, creamy skin, as I eased two fingers deeply into her cunt, provoking a gasp and shudder from her. Hank's dark hands formed a stark contrast on her creamy white breasts as he slowly fucked her face, allowing her to pause for air often, making eye contact with her then. She started to writhe beneath us, gasped as I pushed four fingers into her soaking cunt right up to the knuckles, at the same time flicking my tongue rapidly around her clit, and she ground down onto my hand as she came, hard and fast, leaving her trembling.

I looked up at Hank and nodded, and we changed places, sitting her up so that I stood beside her on the couch. I watched as he settled onto his knees between her legs, felt her take my hard, throbbing cock into her greedy mouth. He entered her slowly, stretching her gorgeous pussy lips around him, filling her deeply, until all of his massive cock was inside.

I could feel the depth of her moaning as a vibration on my cock that was sliding in and out of her throat, and I was mesmerised by Hank's massive tool glistening in her juices as he fucked her steadily, using his entire impressive length to impale her.

Stuart took her by surprise. She was so lost in her glorious roasting that she didn't see him until he was stood on the settee opposite me, his bulging and throbbing cock urgent in its need for attention. Wanking me with her right hand, she turned and took his cock fully into her throat, gripping his root in her right hand, and taking him by surprise in return.

She switched her hungry mouth from his cock to mine, alternately sucking either me or him in deep, licking on our balls, and all the while her lovely tits bouncing in motion to Hank's steady fucking. With a cock in each hand and Hank deep in her cunt, she came again, squeezing hard as she yelled out loud and rode the spasms that set her afire from her pussy and spread to all her extremities twitching and jarring while it held her, and then let her go suddenly.

We helped her up and she saw Simon then, not like she had ever seen a bank manager before. He was naked, all hair and muscle and with an impressive erection that he was stroking slowly. He had an eager look in his eyes. She went to him, sat as he was on an armless easy chair, and with a seemingly fluid movement swept her long, beautiful legs astride him, both feet planted on the floor, grabbed his cock and sat down on him, taking him into her wet heat in one easy motion.

He gasped as she half sat, half stood over him, then started to fuck him. She ground down onto him and pulled almost all the way away before grinding down again, all the movement coming from her thighs which were a sight to behold, from stocking tops down to spiked heeled, blood red shoes. His hands roamed her thighs freely, grabbed at her breasts and nipped her agonisingly hard nipples.

Stuart eased her forward then, her palms on Simon's shoulders, as he eased his cock into her arse. Lubricated with her own saliva, his cock slid easily and fully into her. Simon was now fucking up into her as Stuart fucked down into her arse. Hank and I flanked the group, getting her hot, gasping mouth alternately around our eager cocks, and joyous full on thrusts into her throat only rarely as she lost control of her breathing at the four dicked onslaught she was receiving.

Stuart and Simon pounded into her until she could take no more, and came hard and loud, shaking and shuddering. Simon froze up solid and cried out as he came deep inside her cunt, gasping and twitching, and Stuart finished with two or three viciously deep thrusts that took her feet off the ground before emptying his balls into her arse with animal like grunts spewing from his mouth.

Hank sat back on the couch and I guided her over, turning her back to him. She sat down, eased his massive black cock into her tight arse and lowering herself fully onto him, hands on his knees, legs astride him.

She saw Ian approaching. The young rep' had a body like an athlete, hairless chest leading down to a rock hard six pack and an even harder cock. Every vein stood out along his monstrous tool, a white version of the thick black member sliding wickedly in and out of her arse.

He stood before her and she sucked him into her throat, her hands on his buttocks pulling him in deep, nose pressed into his sparse blond pubic hair. He gasped, hands on hips, and started to thrust. Hank had her hovering above him, hands on her hips as he gently fucked up into her arse.

Simon and Stuart, finished now, watched.

She let Ian's cock go from her mouth and looked up at him, a wicked grin on her lips and an even more wicked glint in her eye. She leant back over Hank, spreading her legs wide. Ian could see Hank's huge black cock stretching her arse. She raised her legs, and he squatted into her, legs astride Hank's, and thrust his monster erection into her soaking cunt right into the root in one swift go.

Between them they took her weight, balanced it, and gave her a glorious double fucking that had her twitching and shaking in no time. She was moving between them, grinding her pelvis in search of any and all extra friction she could get.

I turned her face towards me, saw the intensity of her pleasure deep in her eyes as she opened her mouth and with my hand on the back of her head I pushed my cock into her throat and fucked her gently, taking my pleasure but allowing her hers, encouraging hers.

It was building in her now, spreading from her cunt and arse down her hot thighs to her toes, and up into her belly, spreading from her throat down into her chest and along her arms. It was like a build up of static electricity, nerves and muscles began to twitch uncontrollably as the charge built, she was shuddering from head to toe, and then it went, zap, like lightning through her. She tensed totally, cried out loud, a cry that started in the throat and strangled out of her even as my spunk splashed onto her tongue and face, a cry that drowned out my own shuddering gasps, "Fuuuuuuuuck yessssssssssss!"

And then Ian was holding his cock rigid over her belly, pumping his seed over her tits as she squirmed beneath him, impaled on Hank's huge cock. Hank was groaning as his own climax sent his load deep into her arse.

As Ian stood clear, her legs locked straight in front of her and she shook like a rag doll shaking in the grip of some violent kid, then it had passed, she was on the floor on all fours, hair messed up, make-up smeared, spunk covered. Out of breath, panting uncontrollably. Used. Gloriously used.

She looked up at me, and the smile on her lips went right into her eyes.


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